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Gravity Dance Force Studio


Miss Twyla

Gravity Dance Force is going into their 9th year of operation and continues to grow! Miss Twyla's vision is truly making it's mark in the dance world - dancers are setting goals, reaching them and continuing to strive in the dance world. Miss Twyla and her dancers have over 500 awards in only 7 years of competing, including Choreography awards, Overall high scores, Most Outstanding/Promising and boasts winners of Final Championships and Dance-Off Finalists. Her dancers win numerous On Stage scholarships & Adjudicator's Choice Awards.

Miss Twy's passion for dance and children is showing everywhere her studio goes! She's in her 28th year of teaching and choreographing jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet, musical theatre and contemp/lyrical and continues to dedicate her work to those who share the same passion. Miss Twyla's experience with dance and choreography have taken her places to perform, train, choreograph and compete in New York, LA, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Spokane & Winnipeg. Miss Twyla's heart lies in her studio now and training dancers in a professional, safe and qualified environment. She adores teaching all ages and levels and can't wait to see what the year ahead is going to bring! Miss Twyla's philosophy stands true....have fun, work hard and be the best you can be are the keys to success, inside and outside the studio.

Welcoming Miss Maddi Smith to our GDF family!!

She comes to us with oodles of talent, experience and ENERGY!!!

We are so happy to introduce our new HIP HIP teacher to you!!

Ed Kuebler began training with Steve Hartnett in 1993 shortly after his twelve year old son Shay Kuebler left karate to pursue a very successful career as a professional dancer and choreographer. Ed Kuebler has also competed locally and internationally and instructs the summer sessions for Sherwood Karate-Do. Today Kuebler holds a 2nd degree black belt in Shito Ryu karate taught by Master Demura.

Miss Laura

Laura Fleming is entering her twentieth year of teaching and has shared her experience throughout BC and Alberta where her choreography has been earned countless awards and acclamations. She has studied many disciplines including ballet, jazz, tap, modern, lyrical and swing. Miss Laura’s passion for dance has taken her to New York City where she studied at the Martha Graham Institute, Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Centre, Alvin Ailey and Peridance Centre. Laura has attended the Teacher Training Program at the Edmonton School of Ballet where she studied the Cecchetti method of Ballet as well as anatomy, injury prevention, music and dance history. Laura is excited to bring her talents to Tofield where she can share her passion with a community in which she believes.