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Gravity Dance Force Studio

Session Dates

The first session is scheduled to start September 9-October 21st

These are 6 week programs only and run continuously throughout the dance season.

Sessions for the season are as follows:

Sept 9-Oct 21

Oct 28 - Dec 2

Jan. 6 - Feb. 10

Feb 24 - April 6


An introductory dance class just for 2 year old princesses:) We learn to point our toes, fly like butterflies, go on Teddy Bear picnic's, sing and dance and so much more!

Dancers are to wear ballet slippers and tights with a bodysuit and tutu of their choosing. We love to see their personalities!


For all 2-4 year old boys who love to march, skip, jump and play. A half hour to burn off all that boy energy while developing motor skills, interaction with others and having a lot of fun! We incorporate hoola hoops, balls, play on pirate ships and much more!

Dancers are to wear sweat pants or shorts with a t-shirt and bare feet.


A great introduction to dance for ages 4-5, boys and girls. Coordination, movement, balance are a few things we start up this fabulous program with. Incorporating our motor skills and dance skills to rythym and movement while having a tonne of fun!

Dancers are to wear sweat pants or shorts with a t-shirt and bare feet.